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  • frezasaga : patch version 202 still no fix for dark focus. still not usable..
  • frezasaga : so dark focus is not gonna work in pvp also in dungeon...
  • frezasaga : AW dark focus at the moment is not working. CDN is waiting for patch from eyedentity
  • Psyphelumbti : the mobs already have dark burn effect but after i use that skill dark focus.. nothing dmg dealt at all..
  • Psyphelumbti : can some1 check it for me please.. :( "abyss walker skill - dark focus"
  • Psyphelumbti : doesnt do a single DMG to mobs or player in pvp
  • Psyphelumbti : my abyss walker skill "dark focus"
  • Psyphelumbti : can someone help me
  • frezasaga : what do u mean master for your guardian
  • bish0p : Chryses, Help me do Master for my guardian

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English Pactch v201 by Chryses


As of April 1, 2014 we have Expanded the guild members of Exotic to 200 (Lv. 18) 

[Guild Lv. 28]


Guild Benefits added: 

Lv. 1 Guild Inventory Storage Expansion (Permanent) 

Lv. 18 Guild Members Expansion (Permanent) 

Lv. 4 Additional EXP (+10%) 

Lv. 3 Additional Arena EXP (+20%) 

Lv. 3 Additional Alliance Points (+20%)  (not enough guild funds)

Lv. 4 Strong Durability (-30%)

Lv. 1 Strength Boost

Lv. 1 Agility Boost

Lv. 1 Intellect Boost

Lv. 1 Vitality Boost

 ※ Too keep these boost on a monthly basis, we need 2000g in the guild warehouse, donation is greatly appreciated ;-)


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